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air-roasted / specialty grade / classy coffee.

Lancaster, PA


40°2′23″N, 76°18′16″W

We are a micro roaster based out of Lancaster, PA. We source only the best of coffee beans from all over the world. The beans we select are amongst the top 5% of all coffee in the world.

We utilize air-roasting in small batches to assure top quality perfect roasts every single time.

Air-roasting is the new way of roasting and has unbeatable attributes. It creates a cleaner cup of coffee that will have maximum flavor from the bean.

The coffee bean is lofted in hot air never touching a hot metal surface and therefore can never be burnt or lose essential oils. The coffee beans are then put in a cooling chamber that cools the bean in under 90 seconds so that the carbon dioxide in the beans don't escape. All around, it's a cleaner cup, more flavor, and you never get a sour stomach.


The Air-Roasting Process



Suspend the beans by roasting them on a bed of 680 degree hot air called the fluid bed (the fluid bed is a vortex inside of the roasting chamber.  The vortex allows each individual bean to be roasted evenly and to perfection.)


When the coffee beans pop and crack during air-roasting, a skin on the beans called the chaff is blown away from the beans and into a separate chamber (this is important because if the chaff stayed on, it would burn and smoke, giving the coffee a somewhat bitter, smoky flavor that would mask the natural flavor of the specific bean)


The heat of air-roasting is evenly distributed throughout the entire batch of coffee beans

Once the desired roast level is reached, digital controls cut off the heat source and trigger a cooling process


In the entire world, only 1% of all the coffee beans picked and harvested get the privilege of being air-roasted. That’s it.  We’re proud to be one of the only coffee companies in the world to produce air-roasted coffee.  Because after all, it tastes the best.


Isaiah Kimball | Our Founder



I didn't always have a interest in coffee. I didn't like it or drink it, so when I got my first job as a barista I didn't see it as anything more than a job.

All of that immediately changed for me when I was introduced to coffee trainings, seminars, and the world that makes up this beautiful trade. One that's filled with kind people passionate about the coffee bean. I wanted to know everything, from to start to finish, about coffee. So I spent years training in preparing, brewing, and roasting coffee. I discovered air-roasting while looking to see if there was a better way of roasting coffee and have never turned back. Air-roasting brought out these delicious and intense flavors that I hadn't been tasting before. I built this brand and company as a way of sharing this amazing way of roasting coffee in a stylish, professional, and classy manor.

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